To further consolidate the construction of party organizations,Give full play to the role of combat fortress and pioneer model of grass -roots party organizations,Enhance the creativity of grassroots party organizations、Cohesion and combat power,Student Fourth Party Branch Election Conference was held on October 14th at the Basic Building 303,Participate in all party members,The meeting was chaired by Li Zhengtian。


This meeting strictly follows the party branch election election procedure,Comrade Liu Yuhang reads 2024 European Cup Football Result Betting the "Election Measures for the Party Branch (Draft)",Comrade General Wang as a prisoner,Comrade Wang Haozheng as a ticket person,All party members applaud through,Then voted according to the list of candidates。Election process strictly follows "public、Fairness、Justice "principle,According to the election method and related procedures,Method of the election of non -name voting difference,Election is generated by Zhu Yang、Shen Xiaoyuan、Chen Jingjing、Yao Xiangrong、Yuan Shuhong's five comrades were elected as members of the new party branch 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions of the Fourth Party Branch for Students。Subsequent,Holding a meeting of the new party branch committee,Election of the party branch secretary is by Comrade Chen Jingjing,Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch is Comrade Shen Xiaoyuan。


"Drumming、Fen Yan Sailing ",I believe under the leadership of the new branch committee,Student Fourth Party Branch will unite all party members and activists,Determination with forbearance,A new mission of the brave work,With a high spirit,Active contribution to the development of the school's party building work!


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