To further strengthen the construction of integrity culture,and improve the organizational structure within the party,Student Third Party Branch of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering in the School of Computer and Communication Engineering2023year10month13Day afternoon3Point in the Basic Building303Classroom holds a party member meeting,branch secretary and all party members attended the meeting。

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This party member meeting was chaired by Li Meilin, a branch member,The conference mainly focuses on3Expand。2024 European Cup Football Result Betting First of all, the re -election work of the branch member,The election method was read by Hu Jiaming,Yu Peng and Du Keyu are the prisoners、Ticketor,Discussion by formal party members,Finally agreed to elected Zhuang Tianyu、Zhang Peng、Pan Gaowei is a member of the party branch。Next,Carrying out the theme education of integrity。Secretary of the branch learned "The Important Discourse of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Construction of Culture Culture",The official party members also selected and shared the content of them。

At the end of the conference,Members of all branches start to host the "Lian 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germany Yun Shenglian Planning Workers,Discussion on the Voices of Cultural Paids "Discussion",Everyone actively speaks,I have held suggestions for the smooth organizing of the event。

The convening of this party member meeting is not only conducive to the construction of a clean culture within the party,Let integrity education deeply rooted in people's hearts,It has also further improved the organizational structure of the branch committee,It is of great significance to the construction and development of the party branch。

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