Laboratory introduction
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The Experimental Teaching Center of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering uses computer science and technology、Communication engineering、Electronic Information Engineering、The Internet of Things Engineering and Hebei Computer and Communication Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center are dependent on,2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions Establish an open experimental teaching center。The School of Computer and Communication Engineering, a branch of the branch, and the Sydney Intelligent Science and Technology College of Northeast University undertaken the basic courses and professional courses of computers and electronics.,Experimental courses for more than 10 majors 3,000 undergraduates each year。In addition,also undertake various professional courses design、Production internship、Engineering training、Practical teaching tasks such as on -board exams and graduation internships。Experimental Teaching Center currently has 17 teaching laboratories,Full -time experiment teachers 14 people。"Student -based,Consolidate the Today’s European Cup football predictions foundation,Pay attention to practice,Incentive innovation "experimental teaching concept guidance,Combined with the school's talent training goals,Establish an open experimental teaching center,Cultivate a thick foundation、Wide caliber、Strong professional、Re -practice、Highlighting innovative high -quality composite talents。and use this as a target -oriented,Fully cultivate the basic theory and experimental skills of students、Comprehensive design ability and innovative research ability。

Center focusing on the combination of scientific research and teaching,School cooperation with enterprises。Adopt a hierarchical teaching system,Combining part -time job、The combination of theory and experiments、Experimental teaching 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germany team combined with scientific research and practice,Promote the construction of high -level teachers in the college participation in laboratory construction、Teaching Study、Scientific research results transform into experimental teaching、Experimental teaching reform, homemade instrument equipment, etc.。The center encourages innovation and cooperation mode,Use the Institute of Scientific Research、Industry enterprise talent and technical advantages,Construction of mutual benefit inside and outside the school、Experimental conditions for sustainable development。

The development goal of the Experimental Teaching Center is to be constructed to adapt to the development positioning of the Qinhuangdao branch of Northeast University、2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germany With first -class experimental facilities and environment、First -class teacher team、First -first management system、distinctive features,Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center with strong demonstration radiation。