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The School of Computer and Communication Engineering has a undergraduate and graduate education、Disciplinary construction and scientific research are compatible with,Good quality、Teacher 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsMorality Noble、Reasonable structure、Specialized and combined,distinctive features,With the ability to reform and innovate,Responsibility heart strong、Comprehensive quality high、A relatively stable teacher team with strong cohesion。

There are 83 faculty members of the college,More than 90%of the full -time teachers have a doctorate degree。Among them, the Ministry of Education ’s outstanding talents across the (new) century、The second level of talents in the "Three -Three Three Three Talent Projects" of Hebei Province 2 people,Third level of talents 10 people,and including the Yangtze River scholar、State famous domestic scholars, including national Jieqing, are 2024 European Cup football live scorespart -time in the college。can be used in computer application technology、Computer system structure、Computer software and theory、Communication and information system、Signal and information processing Professional recruitment of graduate students and doctoral students。


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