May 14,The School of Computer and Communication Engineering is divided into party discipline education and 2024 European Cup football live scoreseducation and reading class to carry out the first centralized study in the conference room 214 of the Basic Building。Li Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Prested by Meeting,Member of the College Party Committee,Secretary of the Party branch attended the meeting。

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Li Jie's important significance to carry out party discipline learning and education、The "Regulations on Disciplinary 2024 European Cup Football Result BettingActions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") revised calendarCheng、The significance of revising the "Regulations" and the "Regulations" general section, etc., conduct in -depth interpretation,and combined with typical cases to carry out warning education。

The meeting emphasizes that it is important to understand the needs of party discipline learning and education.,Is strengthening the party's discipline construction、Important measures to promote the development of the party in comprehensive and strictly governing the party。We have to do a good job 2024 European Cup football live scoresof party discipline education from three aspects,First, we must adhere to the original study,Accurately grasp the main point of meaning and regulations of the main purpose of "six disciplines",Further clarify the measurement ruler of daily words and deeds。Second, we must persist in entering the brain into the heart,Wake up in learning、Reflecting the police wake up,Always maintain a awe of party discipline in daily work and life。Third, contact actual learning,Put yourself in during the learning process、Put the job in、Put your responsibilities in,Really make the process 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingof learning party discipline a enhanced discipline awareness、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。

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