To strengthen employment guidance and service,Helping students to master the resume production process,Prepare before job hunting,Ability to improve job hunting and employment competition,The School of Computer and Communication Engineering held the first "‘ job ’to express‘ simple ’ to all students of the college 2021,‘calendar’ obvious ‘Fan’ resume production contest ”。


Before the game,The college organizes the class counselors of the 2021 class and 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingthe "Employment Guidance" lecturer using the class meeting、Classroom and other opportunities,Perform all students at the 2021 level of resume production training,Guide students based on future development direction,Combined with personal characteristics and ability advantages,Design an advantage outstanding、A clear resume。April 28,College Student Work Office formed a resume jury,Camping from the resume、Content、Language specifications and other aspects of the resume of 524 students in the 2021 class will be judged one by one,and 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingmarked the comprehensive and meticulous modification suggestions on the resume。After the review is over,The college returns the resume back to each classmate,and urge students to improve the resume content according to the revision opinions

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After review,Li Junqi and other 27 students won the first prize,Zhou Qilei and other 52 students won the second prize,Zhang Yixuan and other 67 students won the third prize。

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