To strengthen the concept of student discipline,Promote a good habit of promoting students to develop laws and regulations,May 9,The School of Computer and Communication Engineering held a school discipline study warning education in the conference room 202 of the Basic Building,Part -time counselor Zhang Cuiping and the 23rd class class leader participating in the meeting。

Will on the way,Zhang 2024 European Cup football live scoresCuiping led the class leaders of each class to jointly learn the contents of the Lieutenant Campus of the Lieutenant Colonels of the Lieutenant Colonels of the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University,Cases of warning education for disciplinary violations of students,Analyze the causes and consequences of students' disciplinary violations,Remind students to lead to precepts,Self -police introspection。Last,Zhang Cuiping put forward several requirements for the participating team leaders: First, to recognize the importance Today’s European Cup football predictionsof compliance with the law,Build a sense of discipline; the second is to do a good job of model leader for classmates,Consciously abide by the school rules; the third is to be a good "class to pass the microphone",Communication and warning content of the school rules and school discipline to classmates,Drive the class to form a good class style that follows the rules and discipline。

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