April 29, 2024 to the morning of April 30,School of Computer and Communication Engineering, the branch of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering, participated in the Faculty Group of the 38th Games of the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University。Each staff of various branches on the field is stubborn、Fierce competition,Teachers of the Branch of our college work together、Striving for the first time,Finally, the best score of 180 scores with a total score of 180,Three consecutive sessions to win the runner -up of the faculty and staff group of the school Games!


Good results are inseparable from the careful planning and careful arrangement of members of the branch union。This year,The branch of our college continues to adopt the activity form of "sports meeting teachers and students",Soliciting student volunteers in advance to form "Helping Campus Movement Volunteer Team",Make the participating teachers and volunteer students can correspond one by one,Make sure that adaptive training before the game-Competition time reminder-the service guarantee in the game, all aspects 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingof the game, and other aspects of student volunteers participating together,Make sure the game is running smoothly。

In the registration stage of the Games,Active mobilization of the physical fitness specialties of the division of the division of the division of the division of the division of the division of the division,To do their best; prepare the competition materials for the participating teachers in the week before the game,and distribute it to the corresponding student volunteers according to the competition items; in order to ensure the safe finishing competition,Requires the participating teachers to complete the basic warm -up training before the game to play the game; the sports meeting,Proposal student volunteers do a good job of logistical support for the participating teachers,Take water、Take clothes、Taking photos and shouts,thoughtful service。Teachers and students work together,The historic breakthrough of the results of the faculty group of this Games,The total score of the branch of our college has increased by nearly 50 points from last year!


The good achievements achieved by the branch of our college at this Games have once again verified the effectiveness and characteristics of 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingthe "Teachers and Students" activity,Our hospital will continue to promote the event,Pioneering and innovation to build a bridge for teachers and students,Let students have the opportunity to communicate in depth with the teacher outside the classroom,Get exercise in the activity。This form is not only enhanced the feelings of teachers and students,Also allows teachers to move their bodies after busy work、Strong physique,Experience the fun of sports,Let the students get exercise outside the classroom in the communication with the teacher,benefit a lot。


Attachment: Demonstration



Teacher Wang Cong is a well -deserved Almighty King,100 meters in the men's middle -aged group、Gold medals in the three competitions of jumping and long jumps!


Teacher Yin Yarong is also strong,Get the gold medal in the men's youth group 100 meters,at 200 meters、Bad the second place in two competitions!


Teacher Song Xin left a cool and heroic posture in the field,Bad first in the women's middle -aged group,Get the silver medal in 400 meters,Still good results in the high jump project!


Teacher Wang Yanqiu won the gold medal and fishing running project silver medal! (The hidden teacher behind the teacher turned out to be a sportsman! Win? Easy!)


2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsTeacher Lu Yanxia is not far behind,Throw the second place after winning the solid ball!


Next is our Teacher Shen Zhe's appearance,Get the second place and the third place in the shot of the men's middle -aged group after getting the solid ball of the man!


Teacher Zhan Zhikun's light figure leaps into the sand pit,Get the first place in the women's middle -aged group!

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In front of the solid ball,,Teacher Fan Lingwei and Teacher Shen Xiaoyuan won the second and third place in the men's youth group!

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Teacher Zhuang Tianyu and Teacher Zhao Shiqi are also in the running project!

In the personal project of this school game,The branch of our college is 100 meters in men、Women 200 meters、Men's high jump、Men's long jump and other projects get the first place for good results,Mixed men and women mixed 4*100、Shogging、Solid balls and other items all have historic breakthroughs。

At this sports meeting,Solidarity work of faculty and staff of the branch union、Together in concentric,Get two first firsts in four collective projects、A second excellent record,shows a strong collectivism spirit。Collective skipping、Basketball Punishment two collective items,The branch of our college has achieved the first good results of the group; in the 4*100 meters relay,2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyTeachers work together,Get the good results of the group second。

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In the Whirlwind Running Project,Although the branch of our hospital has not won awards,But revealing things that are more precious than honor。Mr. Lu Yanxia accidentally fell due to accidents in the game,But insist on not leaving the horizontal pole for collective honor,Everyone is worried and distressed when the teacher fell to the ground; after the game,,Team teachers and volunteer classmates really care about the falling teacher。More tenderness under the competition,Unity and collaboration collective as first,This spirit is the most dazzling and precious quality in competitive sports!

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At this Games,The Planning Branch shows a good movement and spiritual style,Faculty and staff exercise the body,Relax,Feel the charm and fun of sports meetings and sports in the atmosphere of unity。Everyone experienced the fun of exercise,It also established a sincere friendship friendship,This session of this school will be said to be full!


I believe that the Workers' Branch will continue to move forward to higher goals next year,Continue the glory of honor!

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