To cast a solid consciousness of the Chinese nation community,Inheritance and promoting the excellent traditional culture of China,firm cultural self -confidence,Student third、Four Party Branch launched November theme Party Day event on the seventh floor of the Humanities Building of the South Campus on November 10, 2023andVisit the characteristics of party members of the "Lilang No. 1 Hall" at the National Academy of StudiesEducationBase。Chen Jingjing, Secretary of the Student Party Branch participating in this event、Zhuang Tianyu,ViceSecretaryShenXiaoyuan, all party members and some activists of the branch.

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2024 European Cup Football Result Betting "Six Museums and One Corridor" party member characteristic education base is divided into porcelain、Coin、Paper -cut、Manchu calligraphy、Manchu customs,Sixth Hall of Agricultural Tools,One of the Chinese Cultural Corridor。Everyone under the leadership of the interpreter,Among the six halls,Feel the greatness of the wisdom of the Chinese nation,Lenovo's nations jointly open up territory、Writing history、Create culture、Cultivation of the magnificent epic of the spirit of the Chinese nation,Through the "pluralist,The grand purpose of the dream of building dreams。

Culture Casting Soul,Moisturizer silent。Ethnic with cultural self -confidence,Can stand、Stable standing、Far travel。Through this party day event,Make the branch teachers and students deeply understand:The profoundness of the excellent traditional culture of China、Haina Baichuan、Along with the times,Nutrition of various national culture,2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions Continuous improvement and improvement with the development of society。This party day event enriched the cultural experience of party members, teachers and students,I perceive cultural essence,firm cultural self -confidence。

China with a variety of days of the sun,Need to maintain cultural determination in mutual learning,Stimulate cultural vitality in Guizheng Innovation。New Era Youth Students,More firm and deep cultural self -confidence、Keep a high degree of cultural consciousness、Dressing a new cultural mission,Struggle to do something、Study forward,Flazing the new glory of Chinese culture,Building for a strong country、Ethnic rejuvenation injects strong spiritual power。

The following is a member of some branch members after visiting:

On the afternoon of November 10,I followed the Party Branch to visit the "Six Museum and One Corridor" theme exhibition hall on the seventh floor of the Humanities Building of the South Campus of 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University。This museum hidden in the teaching building makes me open my eyes,"Six Museum and One Corridor" from the Porcelain Museum of the National Museum、Coin Hall、Paper -cut Hall、Manchu Calligraphy Museum、Manchu Folk Museum and Agricultural Tooling Museum and Chinese Cultural Corridor。Under the professional explanation of the student volunteer interpreter of the National College of the National College,I learned that under the theme of "Diversity of Together Building a Dream",The history and development stories of all nations represented by the Manchu。This visit made me feel the vastness of the motherland and the diversity of culture,Under the consciousness of the Chinese nation community,I will contribute my strength to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese culture。

—— Huang Tianyi, a branch member of the branch

We reviewed the long history of Chinese culture from ancient times to the present in the Chinese 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions Cultural Gallery,The evolution and inheritance of different ethnic cultures in the development process。Later, under the leadership of the commentator, I visited six special exhibition halls in turn,Learn from the text of various ethnic groups、The development of traditional culture such as handicrafts。Through this visit,I not only have a further understanding of the cultural characteristics of other nations,I also deeply realized the humanistic heritage of 56 family members。As a youth in the new era,Responsibility, obligation to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of China,Let the long river of culture endless。

-The party member Zhang Peng

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