2023year9month13Day,Computer Faculty Party Branch organized all party members in the Humanities Building7Building "cultural heritage· Construction Dream of Tongxin "theme party day event.

All party members visit the "Six Museums and One Corridor",immersed experience Chinese excellent traditional culture and patriotism culture。"Six Museums and One Corridor" relies on Chinese cultural exhibits,Promote the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture,Demonstrate cultural self -confidence,Casting the consciousness of the 2024 European Cup football live scores Chinese nation community,Multi -in -one,Build a dream together。

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Next,branch secretary Wan Cong led the branch party members to study in -depth understanding of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the cultural heritage development symposium,Deep understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's cultural feelings、Cultural responsibility,Deeply grasp the meaning of the era of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation、Historical significance and world significance。

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Finally, I focused on the "13th batch of the Ministry of Education's exposure of public exposure7Top 10 Cases of Top 10 Guidelines for Occupational Behavior of Teachers "。Party members of all branches said that they will always be self -evident,Strictly require yourself,Consciously enhance the "Lide Tree Ren,Teaching and Educating people's sense of mission and responsibility,Really be a learning high、The "Four You" good teachers。

Previous:"Strengthening the Construction of Cultural Culture in the New Era" -The party member meeting of the Fifth Party Branch of the Student Student Student Student Student and October Theme Party Day event Next:Student Third Party Branch held a special organization and life meeting of "Learning and Implementing Xi Jinping's New Age Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era"