To promote the spirit of the great party,Inheritance red gene,Students of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering Fourth Party Branch organized all party members on September 15、Copycareists watch in the conference room 1227 of the Comprehensive Building、I learned the Organization Department 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions of the Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee、Qinhuangdao New Century Senior Middle School recorded the red stage drama "Eternal Life in Fire"。


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The drama is in the form of an immersive scenario party class,Vividly interpreted the connotation of the era of Hongyan's spirit,Further encourage the majority of party members to continue red blood、Drama mission,Show the new as a new role in the new journey。

Student Fourth Party Branch all the participants watching the stage drama,Deeply realized the connotation of the era of Hongyan'2024 European Cup Football Result Betting s spirit,One after another said that in the new era, it will continue to inherit and carry forward the red tradition,Practice the spirit of Hongyan to your own work、Learning and Life。

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