October 21st 7The Insurance Research Experience Exchange Association hosted by the Innovation Entrepreneur 2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyAssociation of Engineering was held at the Museum of Engineering。This exchange meeting invited nine excellent seniors and sisters。

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Here,big guys with administrative exemption; here,Giant coffee with science and technology exemption; here,Academic Fighter with academic exemption。

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This event has experience sharing,On -site interaction two links。Some seniors shared his experience in the process of insurance。He said,The success of Baoyan depends to a large extent depends on personal efforts and strength,Encourage students to plan in advance,Efforts to improve your comprehensive quality,and emphasized the importance of the internship experience 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyin the process of insurance,It is recommended that students seize the opportunity,Accumulate practical experience。

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Some sisters shared from the aspect of interview。She said,Interview is the key link in the process of insurance research,Students must prepare in advance,Fully show your advantages,Remind students to pay attention to interview etiquette,Leave a good impression on the interviewer。Sharing or passion of the senior sister,or humorous fun,or God Flying,The Baoye and Promotion experience they shared have opened the door of many people's hearts。

In the interactive link at the scene,Students actively ask questions,I exchanged with the seniors 2024 European Cup football live scoresand sisters to have some noteworthy details in the process of insurance research,Senior Sister Sister also patiently answers questions for the students,The atmosphere of the scene is harmonious。

"Xianzi is a young man who is a young man,It is like a fibrous rising day。"Let's step into college campus,Together Value Falter Year Hua,Someone dry all day、Chasing the wind and catching the moon,Someone is ignorant、I don't know where to go,and the Gongzhong Xie Jixi better serve students through such activities,Help every classmate find a lighthouse on his way forward。In recent years,Our school's insurance research rate increases 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingyear by year,Scientific research atmosphere is becoming stronger,Make many students who have hope for Baoyan, eager to try。I also hope that the students can be promoted by many such activities,Find a future Sunshine Avenue that belongs to your own。

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