June 7,The Party Committee of our college conducted the last party class and 2024 European Cup Football Result Betting organizational relationship transfer training meeting of 2024 undergraduate graduates in the 221 classroom。Li Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Yin Yapong, the organizer of the college, teach a special party lesson for the graduates,2024 all undergraduate graduates party members attended the meeting。


First,Yin Yarong explained in detail the specific processes and precautions of the transfer of the organization relationship,Let the party members of the graduates have a clearer understanding and understanding of the transfer of the relationship between the organization,Make sure that each party member can successfully complete the transfer of the 2024 European Cup Football Result Betting organizational relationship。


Subsequent,Li Jie uses "Strict Disciplinary Rules,Qualified Party Member of Loyal and Clean ",Practice party rules and discipline education for graduates who are about to go up and continue their studies。She led everyone to learn important speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Discipline Inspection Commission,In -depth interpretation of some terms of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Based on typical cases to conduct warning education,Encourage party members who are about to go to the new journey,Cherish political life,Loyal Serving the 2024 European Cup football live scores People,Develop the habit of accepting the supervision of people inside and outside the party,Always maintain the advancedness and purity of party members。


Last,Li Jie leads the participating party members to revisit the party's oath,Facing party flag,Solemn oath。powerful oath,Expressed the firm political beliefs of party members of all graduates,Don’t forget the original heart、firm determination to struggle forever。


Graduate party members said,They will keep in mind the teachings of schools and teachers,Study in new learning、Inheritance and promoting the fine tradition of Dongda University at work,Add to the party flag,Add Lottery for Alma Mater。

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