On the evening of May 23,hosted by the Youth League Committee of the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University,The first "Sound Classic hosted by the School of Computer and Communication Engineering,Sound Renewal of Fire "Red Dubbing Contest was held in the International Academic Lecture Hall on the third floor of the University Guild Hall。Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering, the guests who attended the guests、Deputy Dean Lian Kaiyu,Part -time 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions deputy secretary of the school league committee Zhou Xuanren,Zhuang Tianyu, Counselor of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering、Part -time counselor Zhang Cuiping, professional student judges and public jury。

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At the beginning of the contest,Lian Kaiyu made a speech,Encourage all students participating in this competition,I hope everyone can remember history,Don’t forget the original heart。There are 12 participating teams in this competition,Players need to voice the selected film and television clips,This requires that they must not only have an in -depth understanding of the character voice,You also need to accurately grasp the emotional changes of the character。In the fierce competition,Players give full play to their potential,Use the sound to present the audience for vivid、stereo character Today’s European Cup football predictions image,Interpret red classic with sound,Passing the letter of salary fire with art。

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Xiangyang Hua team leads the audience to cross thousands of years of confusion,Describes the appearance of 5,000 years of up and down,Finding "How to China"; the new era dream chase group described a revolutionary soldier image stubbornly on the front line "Loyal Soul";,From the founding of the party to the founding of the country ", let the people present relive the great journey of the founding party of the Communist Party of China and the founding of the New China。Can't think of the name group "Nanchang Uprising"、BOOK-Thinking Group "Blood Casting Long Song,Wei Mountain and River "、The Sound Bubble Team "The Sound of Red Charm" shows the one -inch of mountains and rivers in the revolutionary age,Revolutionary heroes adhere to faith,The red spirit that is not afraid of 2024 European Cup football live scores sacrifice; the spring breeze is proud of the youth team "I see,China Beltas "、May 4th Youth Team "The Great Valley of the Party" with a frustrated performance made everyone seem to be in front of Tiananmen Gate. ",Inner punishment of the thief of the country "slogan; the aspiring youth;、4605 Team "Scarf" The gentle voice contains the power of power,Vivid interpretationHugh Women's Non -British Non -English, Night and Night Longquan Wall Ming; Miracle reproduces the team's "Chasing the Wind" with a pair of brothers and siblings, but standing at a fierce rivalry viewing angle of different political stances,Tell us to always adhere to the justice in our hearts; finally,The Blazers team "Those Rabbit Those That Year" humorous and vivid dubbing highly restores anime characters,Attract the audience laugh。

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Zhao Chenkai, head of 2024 European Cup Football Result Betting the Language and Art Performance Group of the College Student Art Troupe, comes on the stage。He affirmed the wonderful performance of each team,and the most important thing when proposing dubbing is the emotional bringing in,Don't be afraid of some natural emotions,Instead, you lose precious suggestions such as real sense and dubbing rhythm。Final,The team that won the first prize of this competition is the Blazers Team。The team of the second prize is the new era dream chase and the miracle reproduction team;、Spicy Fragrant Pot Team、Sound Bubble Team、Picking up the country's wind group。


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