To further strengthen the safety and health management of student dormitory,Create cleanliness、Tian Jie、Order dormitory sanitary environment,Create a good dormitory culture,Build an excellent academic style room style,5month22Day,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering、Deputy Dean Lian Kaiyu led all the academic teams,In -depth student dormitory to carry out dormitory safety guards and cultural 2024 European Cup football live scores construction investigation work。

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This investigation includes the environmental sanitation of the dormitory、Fire Safety、Electricity of illegal regulations、Control knife and other possible safety hazards。During the inspection process,​​Teachers talk carefully with students,Learn and master the status of all aspects of the study and life of students in the new semester,Listen to students' opinions and suggestions。Whether the student dormitory uses an induction cooker、Rice cooker and other illegal electrical appliances conducted a careful investigation,2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germany Whether there is a controlling item such as a control tool, it is touched,To strengthen the creation of dormitory civilization,Comply with the requirements of dormitory management,Pay attention to fire prevention、Anti -theft,Make specific requirements for dormitory hygiene and personal hygiene。

Next,The college will normalize the safety and health management and cultural construction of dormitory,Strengthen the control of bad behavior of dormitory,Strengthen the construction of the cultural atmosphere of the dormitory,Maintaining campus security and stability,Build a harmonious education environment。

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