To stimulate students' 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyemployment enthusiasm,Improve employment guidance service level,April 23,The college holds a seminar for professional teachers and students of the 20th IoT Engineering in Basic Building 120。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Lian Kaiyu,Director of the Internet of Things professional Li Guorui,Teacher Jingmao Hua,Counselor Shen Xiaoyuan and all 20 -level Internet of Things majors participating。

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Will on the way,Shen Xiaoyuan introduced the current employment environment and the whereabouts of the Internet of Things graduates in recent years,Remind students to seize 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsthe timing of spring moves,Determine the future direction as soon as possible。Then,Each classmate reports the graduation design、The progress and employment of graduation thesis,The participating teachers based on their own learning and work experience,Detailed answering the questions of the students,Provided comprehensive guidance and help for graduates。

Lian Kaiyu made three employment suggestions for the students: First, to recognize the situation,Change concept,Combined with its own actual,Find the self -positioning,Reasonable adjustment of employment expectations; the second is to adhere 2024 European Cup football live scoresto the "two legs walking",Not only pays attention to the editor of the public examination of the entrance examination,You can also actively respond to the national call,Choose employment of small and medium -sized enterprises,Parties in the grassroots level,Application of grass -roots service projects such as the "Western Plan",or go to the army to build meritorious jobs, etc.; Third, we must actively employment,Brave take the "first step" for job search,Vote more resumes,and the counselor teacher、Keep in contact with professional teachers,Make sure the information is unblocked,Grasp employment opportunities。

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